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Floodplain Mailers

In May 2014, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services sent newsletters to approximately 4,000 owners of 5,100 separate properties in local, regulated floodplains.  

See the newsletter


The Floodplain Flash newsletter is sent to people whose floodplain property in Charlotte-Mecklenburg includes a building that is 600 square feet in size or larger. Much of the information in the newsletter is related to flood insurance which affects developed properties in the floodplain. The newsletter is not sent to:



  • ​those who own vacant lots in the regulated floodplain
  • those whose yard is in the regulated floodplain but their home or business on that lot is outside of the floodplain.​


If you own multiple properties in Mecklenburg County, find out which of your properties are in regulated floodplains by searching these files:


2014 floodplain property owners​ (Excel) After clicking on the link, save the document to your computer. The first tab lists properties owned by private individuals. The second tab lists properties owned by corporations or other entities.

2014 floodplain property owners by name (pd​f) Listed alphabetically by last name.

2014 floodplain property owners by address (pdf) Street addresses of floodplain properties are listed numerically in the third column.


On the list by name and the list by address:


  • ​"Parcel ID" is the property's official Property Tax ID number
  • click on the property address to see the property on our interactive Floodzone Lookup map



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