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Regulations and Ordinances
Post Construction Stormwater ordinance 2015 Task Force
Beginning in January 2015, the City of Charlotte is hosting a​ series of meetings with a ​Stormwater Mitigation
Fee Task Force regarding the mitigation fee option currently provided to redevelopment projects located within most of the City’s jurisdiction​.

Floodplain Regulations
Post Construction Ordinances
SWIM Ordinances
Water Pollution Ordinances
Water Supply Watershed Restrictions
Soil Erosion Ordinances
Low Impact Development Ordinance
Federal Regulations

Understanding and Working with the Ordinances
complying with storm water ordinances
complying with floodplain regulations
Floodplain Construction and Permits
complying with water quality ordinances
buffers and bmps
post construction programs
erosion programs
swim program
water supply protection

Buffer requirements are included in three local ordinances: Post-Construction Controls, Surface Water Improvement & Management, and Water Supply Watershed.

Ordinances for the six Towns are adopted and kept up to date by each jurisdiction.