Storm Water Projects
Drainage & Flooding
Pollution Prevention
Fees & Billing
Storm Water A-Z
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Manuals and Implementation Guidelines

Floodplain Development

Floodplain Regulations Technical Guidance Document 
Floodplain Permit Application Quick Guide

Storm Water Management
Storm Water Design Manual 
Photo Book of Storm Water Features

Water Quality Buffers (stream and lake buffers)
Water Quality Buffers Implementation Guidelines 

Water Quality BMPs and IDDE
Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP Design Manual 
BMP Maintenance Handbook 
Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination Policies and Procedures

Post-Construction Storm Water Controls
Post-Construc​tion Administrative Manual – City of Charlotte  
Post-Construction Permit Flow Chart – City  
Post-Construction Administrative Manual – County and Towns
Post-Construction Permit Flow Chart – County and Towns 
Post-Construction Policy for Public Transportation Projects - County and Towns 
Water Quality Buffer Implementation Guidelines - City, County and Towns 
Rain Garden (Bioretention) Media Sampling Guidelines (Updated 8/1/12)  
VIDEO - How to Sample a Rain Garden for Phosphorus 
How to use POLARIS for Post-Construction Ordinance information (City, County and Towns)

Huntersville Water Quality/Low Impact Development 
Huntersville Water Quality Design Manual (Revised June 2013) 

County Site Evaluation Tools
Mecklenburg County Site Evaluation Tool  
Site Evaluation Tool Model Documentation 2005  
Site Evaluation Tool User Manual and Guidance

Surface Water Improvement & Management (SWIM)
Water Quality Buffer Implementation Guidelines 

Sediment and Erosion Control
Sediment and Erosion Policies and Procedures 
Mecklenburg County Land Development Standards Manual (six Towns, refer to Series 3000)  
Erosion Control – Goose and McDowell Watersheds

Lakes and water supply protection
Water Quality Buffer Implementation Guidelines  
Mecklenburg County Drinking Water Supply Watershed Protection Requirements  
Protecting Water Quality in our Lakes

Pond Policy

Creek maintenance
Storm Water Services’ Maintenance of Major System Streams

Storm Water Fee Credit policies, manual and application form
County Line Fee Credit Policy 
Catawba River Fee Credit Policy 
Pond Fee Credit Policy  
Multi-family and commercial BMP Fee Credit Manual and Application Form