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What Storm Water Services Does
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services works to:

         improve water quality 


           reduce flood risks 

for all residents of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Storm Water Services does not provide drinking water or sanitary sewer service. Water and sewer services are provided by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department. Learn more.​



To improve the water quality of our creeks, lakes and ponds, we:

  • Monitor pollutant levels in surface water
  • Investigate spills or illegal dumping
  • Enforce ordinances designed to protect water quality
  • Restore eroded or damaged stream channels
  • Educate residents about pollution prevention

Polluted creek
Storm Water Services works to
eliminate pollution like this

Storm water culvert installation
Installing a storm drainage culvert to
reduce flooding risks

Reducing flood risks includes:
  • Preventing or reducing the loss of life, disruption of services, and property damage caused by floods
  • Installing, upgrading and maintaining storm drains and pipes
  • Mapping floodplains and managing floodplain development
  • Preserving and restoring natural stream channels and the beneficial functions of floodplains
Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s storm water programs are fee funded.

Storm water management has evolved over time. Decades ago, the focus was on urban flood control funded by local property taxes. Now, storm water management also includes environmental protection, water resource enhancement, and regulations regarding both water quality and preventing flood losses.

Watch a video about what Storm Water Services does​.  This video specifically refers to Charlotte.  Procedures used by the six Towns and Mecklenburg County are similar but may not be identical to the City's.

View a summary of what Storm Water Services does

Who does what? How Storm Water Services is organized. 

Storm Water Services' projects can help reduce pollution, reduce flooding or both.

Before stream restoration
Before a stream restoration project in
Hidden Valley


After stream restoration
The Hidden Valley project improved water
quality in Little Sugar Creek and temporarily holds some floodwater.

Read more about Storm Water Services.  (NOTE: This document is an Adobe PDF and requires Adobe Reader to view. You may download a free copy by visiting Adobe.com.)