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What's the difference between Storm Water Services and the Water Company?

One agency handles water coming from the




One agency handles water coming from your


The "faucet" agency is the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department. CMUD pumps water from Mountain Island Lake and Lake Norman, purifies it, then pipes it to homes and businesses for drinking and bathing. CMUD also maintains the pipes and treatment plants for wastewater and sewage.

Learn more about the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department. 

Storm Water Catch Basin or Drain   Storm Water Services handles the drainage of water that falls from the sky. That includes:
  • maintaining curbside storm drains and pipes
  • enforcing clean water regulations
  • resolving most problems that result from too much rain.
Is there a difference between a storm "sewer" and a sanitary sewer?      
Yes. In all of Mecklenburg County, the storm drainage system and the sanitary sewer are two completely separate systems.  Learn more about storm water's path from "street to stream."
Three water systems

This illustration shows the three water systems. Each uses a different set of pipes.

Storm Water Services - Your City-County Water Services 

In the drawing: 
        Turquoise blue is drinking water 
        Brown is wastewater 
        Light blue is storm water

Storm Water runs off rooftops, driveways and other hard surfaces. Once storm water goes down a storm drain, it is piped into the nearest creek. Storm water does not go to a treatment plant.

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