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Storm Water Services Internship Program

Goal: To provide intern with experience and insight into daily duties of a water quality professional, while also benefitting Storm Water Services' Water Quality Program.

Types of internships
All internships with the Water Quality Program are unpaid. Two internship tracks are available.

1. Weeklong shadowing experience for rising juniors and seniors in high school. Each day would feature a different part of our program. Planned activities for each day of the week include:

a. Day with engineering staff to look at storm water projects, discuss career paths, etc. 
b. Day in the field with our bugging team to collect samples of what is living in our creeks. 
c. Day in the field with our lake monitoring team to learn water quality monitoring techniques. 
d. Day with our automated monitoring team working to calibrate equipment. 
e. Day with various staff members to investigate service requests and other integral parts to our program.

The week-long shadowing will require the candidate to submit an application, attend an informational meeting, and complete an exit survey upon the conclusion of their week.

SWS Internship photo

2. Semester-long internship geared towards college-level applicants. The semester-long internship may include, but is not limited to: 
        a. Field shadowing staff 
        b. Internet research 
        c. Cold calls to other municipalities 
        d. Collection of data 
        e. Analysis of data 
        f. Equipment maintenance 
        g. Report writing

The semester-long internship will require the candidate to submit an application, attend an interview, fulfill a contract, complete 100+ logged hours, complete one independent project and complete an exit survey upon the conclusion of the semester.

Internships for the summer of 2015 are full.

Forms Available: