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TMDL stands for Total Maximum Daily Load. It refers to the amount of a particular pollutant allowed in a stream or lake in a given day.

Creeks and lakes with TMDLs are those identified by the State of North Carolina as not meeting minimum water quality standards. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg streams and lakes with TMDLs:

Pollutant: Fecal Coliform
      Creek lined with brushy trees
  • Clear Creek
  • Goose Creek
  • Irwin Creek
  • Little Sugar Creek
  • McAlpine Creek
  • McKee Creek
  • Sugar Creek

Pollutant:  Turbidity

  • Irwin Creek
  • Little Sugar Creek
  • Long Creek
  • McAlpine Creek
  • Sugar Creek

Pollutant:  Dissolved Oxygen

  • Irwin Creek
  • Little Sugar Creek
  • McAlpine Creek

Pollutant:  Chlorophyll-a

  • Lake Wylie
Water Quality Recovery Programs and Master Plans

Heron in creek 

For more information about TMDLs and Water Quality Recovery Plans, contact:

Marc Recktenwald
City​ Water Quality Program Manager​​

Robert Billings​
County Water Quality Project Manager