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Private Property Drainage Repairs
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services uses public storm water fee money to repair drainage problems o​n private property if:

  1. the problem is caused by storm water runoff from a public street and
  2. the problem qualifies under additional, pre-set criteria. 
    Culvert in heavy rain     

Qualifying problems include: 

  • Flooding of living s​pace
  • Significant stream bank erosion
  • Flow blockages in creeks, storm drainage pipes or drainage channels
  • Undersized storm drainage infrastructure
  • Sinkholes over storm drainage pipes

Qualifying problems are ranked by priority.

    Problems that do not qualify include:

  • Yard flooding
  • Drainage problems caused by landscaping
  • Drainage concerns caused by roofing or gutter problems
  • Water that flows from adjoining property
  • Standing water from groundwater conditions 
  • Water standing in a drainage ditch
Residents can call the City-County customer service phone line at 311 or fill out an on-line form to request an investigation by Storm Water Services staff.  The investigator follows this process.

Residents are often given this brochure to explain Storm Water Services' policies for drainage repairs on private property.