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City of Charlotte Pilot BMP Program
Nationwide research shows storm water management structures known as Best Management Practices or BMPs reduce water pollution. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services conducts ongoing testing to confirm which types of BMPs are most efficient in different settings.

Within the City of Charlotte, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services has an aggressive Pilot BMP program. Rain gardens, wet ponds, wetlands, grassy swales and other types of BMPs filter many pollutants from storm water.  Some BMPs provide a temporary holding place for storm water runoff—reducing the risk of downstream flooding.

See our Pilot BMPs

Bruns Ave. Pilot BMP

Storm Water Services helps design or install structural BMPs with a goal of determining the best use and effectiveness. Storm water flowing into and out of the BMPs is tested regularly to show which BMPs are most effective at removing pollutants under various conditions. 

The Storm Water Services' Pilot BMP program is focused on determining the cost benefit, pollutant removal efficiency, and maintenance costs or requirements of various types of BMPs. 

Knowledge gained from evaluating these Pilot BMPs is part of an overall water quality management strategy for Charlotte-Mecklenburg watersheds.

For more information about  the Pilot BMP Program, please contact Steve Jadlocki at 704-336-4398.
Westfield wetland