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Pierson Pond

Pierson Pond is a wet pond likely to be at least 50 – 70 years old and was probably constructed for agricultural, recreational, or aesthetic purposes. The pond is fed by a small, perennial stream which exhibits the typical characteristics of a degraded, urban stream.  The watershed draining into Pierson Pond consists of approximately 120 acres of mixed commercial and residential development, with the majority of the watershed containing single family residences on approximately ¼ to ½ acre lots.  Pierson Pond

The pond is less than 1 acre in size (0.8% of the watershed) and has no detention component. It is estimated that the pond depth does not exceed 8 feet and the average depth is likely to be 3-6 feet. The pond banks are stable having been improved by a pond retrofit project in the late 1990's. During the pond improvement activities, the pond outlet was enhanced and a littoral shelf was constructed at the water/bank interface; however, the shelf was not planted with vegetation.

The area immediately surrounding the pond consists primarily of hardwood and coniferous trees and shrubs. Resident waterfowl, such as mallard ducks and Canadian geese, are usually observed on the pond during site visits. It is suspected that poor soil conditions, water depth, and waterfowl browsing have limited the growth of aquatic plants on the littoral shelf.

Testing Results
Testing of water moving into and out of the pond indicates that the pond has the ability to effectively treat a number of pollutants including sediment, nutrients, and some forms of metals.

A report summarizing the test results was recently published.