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Bruns Ave. Elementary Wetland Restoration & Bioretention Area

The Bruns Avenue Elementary school wetland enhancement project primarily consisted of rehabilitating, enhancing, and expanding an existing isolated upland wetland system on the school property. Completed in spring 2002, this constructed BMP includes two forebays, three wetland cells in series, and a micropool. The wetland is designed to treat storm water runoff from school property and surrounding 15-acre residential watershed. Boardwalks and trails have been constructed around the wetland components to provide easy access for public education aspects of the project .  Bruns Ave. Wetland

Testing Results

Testing of water moving into and out of the wetland indicates that the wetland has the ability to effectively treat a number of pollutants including sediment, nutrients, and some forms of metals.

A report has been published summarizing the testing results. 

Bruns Avenue Elementary School Bioretention Area 
As a companion constructed BMP to the wetland, a bioretention filter was also completed in 2002 to treat runoff from the school parking lot and rooftop. The bioretention filter is approximately 1200 square feet and discharges downstream of the outlet of the wetland. 

 wetland and micropool
Pictures of the wetland cells (above) and micropool