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Upper Torrence Creek - The Park
Stream restoration and water quality improvements
 What's new?
  Two-year project  
  Stream restoration finished in the summer of 2013, planting completed
   in early 2014
Neglected creek During restoration Restored stream and banks
Before Early construction - Feb. 2013​​ Construction nearly finished​​

Storm Water Services has restored nearly a mile of the upper reaches of Torrence Creek in "The Park" business area from Reese Boulevard to McCoy Road. The stream work was entirely within the boundaries of "The Park."

 Aerial photo of project area

 The project area is circled in red  
The major problem for this Huntersville stream is sediment. The dirt particles smother aquatic life and negatively affect Charlotte-Mecklenburg's drinking water source. 

Decades of rapid growth in the Huntersville area forced Torrence Creek (and most other streams) to carry increasing amounts of storm water runoff. The fast-moving water eroded the stream bed and banks. 
  • Restore 3/4 mile of Torrence Creek
  • Prevent approximately 112 tons of sediment annually from entering Mountain Island Lake
  • Work cooperatively with the owners of The Park-Huntersville and the Town of Huntersville to construct a stream restoration project entirely on private property
Final project mailer​ (November 2013)

During restoration, gentle twists and turns were added to the steam path. These meanders slow the flow of the water and reduce erosion.

The stream bed was enhanced by adding deeper pools and some shallower, rocky sections. Native plants were added to the banks. This project, along with other Storm Water Services projects in the McDowell Watershed, will stabilize about 15 percent of the source of sediment now affecting McDowell Creek and McDowell Creek Cove.
Project cost: $919,100

Sources of funding: 
    NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund: $364,711
    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services: $554,389

Planning and Design: 2011 and 2012
    Wildlands Engineering

Construction: January through June 2013
    Eagle Wood, Inc.

Planting along restored stream completed in the spring of 2014.

Project Manager:
Crystal Taylor, P.E.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

Badly-eroded stream bank
     The stream banks were badly eroded