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Sunnyvale/Chandworth Storm Drainage Improvement Project

The Sunnyvale/Chandworth​ Project is roughly bordered by Sharon Road to the South and East, by Sulkirk Road to the North and Ramblewood Lane to the West and is in the Little Sugar Creek watershed.  This project is within a drainage area of approximately 640 acres and the improvements may include culvert replacements, pipe system upgrades and channel improvements.  This project is being broken into several smaller projects, Lilly Mill, Chandworth and Tattersall. 

The Planning Phase for the Sunnyvale/Chandworth Project started in December 2010 and was completed in January 2013.    During the planning phase, public meetings were used to obtain input from property owners. Several improvement alternatives were developed and evaluated to determine the best solution. A recommended alternative was presented to the public for comment at the end of the planning phase on May 8, 2013. The planning phase of a project typically lasts 12 to 27 months.  During the course of planning and due to the large project area it was determined to phase this watershed into smaller project areas.  The active project areas are shown on the map below with subsequent future phases to be determined.

Lilly Mill Project

Chandworth Project

Tattersall Project 


- Reduce structure and street flooding throughout the neighborhood.
- Address channel erosion problems within the project area.

 Sunnyvale/Chandworth project area map.

Project Team

Jackie Bray
City Project Coordinator

Amy Bice, E.I.
Watershed Area Manager
Matthew Gustis, P.E.
City Engineering Team Program Manager


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Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2013

Map A - Sunnyvale/Tattersall 
Map B - Lilly Mill 
Map C - Cypress Club/Chandworth
Map D - Riverbend/Glenfall
Map E - Severn
Overall Map
Overall Map - Phasing 

November 14, 2011