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Stormwater Control Measures

Stormwater Control Measures​, or SCMs, are structures used to remove pollution from stormwater runoff and/or reduce the risk of flooding. They can made of natural materials such as plants and soil (i.e. rain gardens and swales), hard structures (i.e. detention basins, catch basin inserts), or a combination (i.e. sand filters, forebays and rain gardens).  

SCMs are designed to remove pollutants in a variety of ways. Some pollutants settle to the bottom of a structure where they need to be physically removed and some allow pollutants to be filtered and broken down by plants or soil where they may or may not need to be removed later. Different SCMs reduce pollutant at different rates and are best used in different situations.

To understand the efficiency of SCMs to remove pollutants and how they are best used, the City of Charlotte tests them through the Pilot SCM program. Pictures and information on the different types of SCMs that have been tested are available on our Pilot Stormwater Control Measures page​.  

The following is a list of projects containing SCMs that were not part of the Pilot Stormwater Control Program. ​

Doral/Cavalier (Chantilly)
Dore Academy site
Edwards Branch  ​
Goose Creek 
Irwin Creek
Little Sugar Creek-Hidden Valley
Little Sugar Creek-Cullman Avenue (NoDa)
Little Sugar Creek-7th Street to Elizabeth Avenue (CPCC)   
Little Sugar Creek-Charlottetowne Ave. to Pearl Park Way (Midtown)
Little Sugar Creek-Pearl Park Way to Morehead St. (along Kings Drive) 
Little Sugar Creek-Westfield  
McAlpine Creek-Lancer to Sentinal Post  
McAlpine Creek-Sardis to Providence 
McDowell Creek Watershed BMP Retrofit (Northcross area)
New Street Maintenance Facility 
North Mecklenburg Park Stream Restoration and BMPs

Pineville Town Hall 
Torrence Creek BMPs (North Mecklenburg Recycling Center property)
Torrence Creek Stream Restoration and BMPs
Upper McDowell Stream Restoration and BMPs
Upper Stoney Creek

CMS SouthPark is part of the Pilot Stormwater Control Program, but a complete monitoring report is not yet available.