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McDowell Watershed SCM Retrofits (Five Sites)

Using Stormwater Control Measures ​to protect our creeks and lakes.

Monteith Park Wetlands

Creating Monteith Park Wetland   Monteith Park Wetland

Four storm water wetland berms were retrofitted into open space along the main road into the residential subdivision. These storm water Best Management Practices filter pollution from runoff coming from the neighborhood. The structures also hold excess storm water, which reduces creek bank erosion and risk of downstream flooding.

Construction completed May 2008

Northcross Shopping Center Rain Gardens

Northcross parking island before rain garden was built   Rain garden in Northcross parking lot
               A total of 146 parking spaces were replaced with ten rain gardens

Runoff from 14 acres of the parking lot filters through the ten rain gardens. As much as 98% of some contaminants are removed. The runoff is cooled. The cleaner water trickles from a drain at the bottom and is piped to a nearby stream. Slowing the flow of water reduces the risk of creek flooding and stream bank erosion.

 Parking spaces with no rain garden  Rain garden added to parking lot

Construction completed June 2008

Carolinas Medical Center – Northcross

Open space near CMC Northcross parking lot  Rain garden next to CMC Northcross parking lot 

Two rain gardens were added alongside parking spaces at the rear and right side of the building. Runoff from half of the parking lot will filter through the rain gardens.

Construction completed June 2008 

Northcross Commons Shopping Center

Muddy stream and overgrown banks   Restored stream and floodplain behind Northcross Commons

Not long ago, a tangle of brush hid a muddy creek behind Food Lion and other stores. Storm Water Services has cleared the scraggly overgrowth. Wetland berms are being added to the floodplain to improve the creek's water quality.   

Construction completed August 2008.

Northpointe Business Park

Neglected floodplain near Northpointe Business Park   Restored floodplain near Northpointe Business Park

Located near the Birkdale development, the Northpointe Business Park channels storm water runoff from parking lots onto floodplains along McDowell and Caldwell Station Creeks.

Storm Water Services is enhancing those floodplains through vegetative management to help remove pollutants from storm water runoff.  The restoration of McDowell Creek from Sam Furr Road to Westmoreland Road will also improve water quality.