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North Mecklenburg Park

Stream restoration and water quality improvements
A multi-phase project to repair and protect Torrence Trib #1 in North Mecklenburg Park is complete!

Eroded stream covered in brush        Newly-restored stream bed and banks 

 2009 - before stream restoration


 2013 - stream restoration is finished

Torrence Tributary #1 starts in North Mecklenburg Park in Huntersville. For years, the narrow headwaters of the stream tried to carry too much storm water runoff.
The Town of Huntersville worked with Storm Water Services to repair the eroded stream and also reduce the surge of water coming off nearby roads and parking lots. 

Stream restoration does not reduce flooding. It is intended to improve water quality.

BMPs completed: December 2011
Stream work completed: January 2013

Some repairs were required after flood damage in the summer of 2013

Final project mailer (June 2013)  
Project objectives:

  • Reduce the rush of storm water runoff entering the stream during heavy rain
  • Create three rain gardens and a grass swale (Stormwater Control Measures) to temporarily hold excess rain water and reduce sediment in the creek
  • Repair more than 1,000 linear feet of stream​
  • Restore the creek bed and banks
  • Improve water quality and aquatic habitat
  • Develop an educational feature at the park, showing the public how rain gardens and stream restoration help improve water quality in the creek  

Protecting the stream from future damage

Dirty storm water runoff from the park's parking lot is being treated at the source. Water from the parking lots is directed into rain gardens or this grass swale:

          Before grass swale was constructed  Constructing the swale 

 2009 - before constructing
the grass swale

 2011 - during construction


                       Swale detaining storm water  Grass swale after completion 

 2011 - holding excess runoff

 2012 - grass swale
is completed

The grass swale and three rain gardens temporarily hold some runoff and filter out many pollutants.

Cost: $267,347

Sources of funding and assistance:
Town of Huntersville: $111,607
North Carolina Department of Environment & Natural Resources 319 program: $155,740
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services: project assistance

Small pools of water along road
These small pools improve water quality. Small
dams in the grassy area hold back excess rainwater.
Pollutants in the water settle into the soil. Temporarily
holding back some water also decreases erosion
in nearby creeks.

Project Schedule:

BMP design:
 March through August 2011
     North Carolina State University
BMP construction: Fall 2011 
     Coastline Partners
     HARP (planting and vegetation)

Stream restoration design: May 2011 through August 2012
     North Carolina State University

Stream restoration construction: December 2012 to January 2013
     North State Environmental

Project Manager:
Crystal Taylor, P.E.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

North Meck Park entrance sign