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Little Sugar Creek restoration photo gallery
Little Sugar Creek design schematic 
                             Project area - 7th Street to Morehead Street
  • 5,940 linear feet of stream restored
  • 1,300 linear feet of concrete cap removed
  • Six years of demolition and construction
  • $3.557 million (stream restoration and uncapping)
  • 54% state grants and 46% Storm Water Services fees
  • Project goal is improved water quality
Cost does not include buying flood-prone land near the creek or constructing the greenway trail
Little Sugar Creek schematic highlighting CPCC 
 CPCC section - 7th to Elizabeth Avenue
Stream before restoration  Stream during restoration  Restored stream 
 Upstream from CPCC 2008
Spring 2011
Same section - summer 2011
Stream and banks before restoration  Restored stream and banks 
 Looking downstream 2007
Same location 2011
Little Sugar Creek schematic focusing on Charlottetowne Ave. 
Before stream restoration  During stream restoration
From 4th Street bridge 2007
  Same section 2010
Stream restoration near 4th Street  Stream restoration completed near 4th Street 
 From 4th Street bridge spring 2011
 Fall 2011
Little Sugar Creek schematic Midtown 

  Aerial shot during restoration 
 Before restoration 2006
Concrete covers most of the creek
 During restoration 2009

Removing the concrete cap from Little Sugar Creek  Uncapped section being restored  Uncapped and restored Little Sugar Creek 
 Uncapping the
creek 2007
 Same section 2008
Same section 2010

Before stream restoration  After restoration 
 Before restoration 2006
 Same location 2010

Aerial photo of parking lot covering creek  Parking lot removed, creek sparkles in sunlight 
 Parking lot covers creek 2006
 Parking lot is gone 2011

Heavy equipment in stream  Partially restored stream 
 Midtown area 2007   
 Same location 2008

Creating curves in the stream path  Little Sugar Creek 2008  Curve in Little Sugar Creek 
 Adding a curve 2007   
Curve - 2008   
Curve - 2009

Concrete cap covering creek  Uncapped and restored creek 
 Removing the cap 2007
Same location 2010

Beginning to restore the creek banks  Stream restoration  Restoring the stream bed 
Five photos from same location 2007   
Stream restoration nearly complete  Stream restoration complete 

Before restoration    After restoration and greenway completion 
Looking upstream 2006
Same location 2011

Stream before restoration  Heavy equipment restoring stream  Restored stream 
 Looking downstream 2006
  Same location 2008   
 Same location 2010

Little Sugar Creek schematic along Kings Drive 
 Kings Drive section - Pearl Park Way to Morehead Street

Aerial with lots of concrete 2002  Aerial with creek being restored 
 Creek hidden under
concrete 2002
 Creek being restored 2011

Restoring creek  Wetland and restored creek  Vegetation growing around wetland and creek 
 Same location 2009
 Same location 2010

Wetland newly completed  Wetland 
wetland 2009
 Wetland 2010

Aerial of Kings Road and creek 2002  Aerial of Kings Drive and creek 2011 
 Kings Drive and creek 2002
 Same section 2011

Building waterfall  Building waterfall  Waterfall completed 
 April 2008
 May 2008
 June 2008