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Edwards Branch (Phase I)

Phase II (Branch Channel Restoration and Culvert Improvements) Completed
Phase III (Stream Restoration, Preservation and BMP's)

Stream Restoration Project and Wetland Creation

The Edwards Branch Restoration Project repaired the path and banks of the stream and developed storm water BMPs to filter pollution coming from the densely-developed area surrounding the creek.  A large wetland created was next to a neighborhood park and a large detention basin now holds excess storm water runoff and filters many pollutants from the storm water. 

Edwards Branch Map
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  • Improve water quality
  • Improve aquatic habitat through the construction of riffles and pools
  • Provide a way to determine if BMPs were an effective way to improve water quality in an urban watershed
  • Provide water quality educational opportunities  

Cost: $900,000

Sources of Funding:
North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund
Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Water Quality Program

Edwards Branch is a one square mile, built-out, highly urbanized watershed near Independence Arena.  The area contains homes, businesses and industry.  A tributary to Little Sugar Creek via Briar Creek, Edwards Branch had been impaired by non-point source pollution including fecal coliform bacteria, sediment, nutrients and metals. 

Bioengineering techniques were used to restore the channel of Edwards Branch and portions of the Winterfield Tributary and Southgate Branch.  Culverts were replaced at several locations.  A wetland was constructed to treat storm water from 52 acres of residential areas.  A boardwalk in the park spans the length of the wetland.  An extended detention basin stores excess storm water, slowing down the flow of the runoff into the creek while removing contaminants.   

Monitoring data collected at Edwards Branch indicate significant reductions in storm water pollutants as a result of this project. 

Project Manager:
Richard Farmer
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services