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Commonwealth/Morningside Storm Drainage Improvement Project
The Commonwealth / Morningside Storm Drainage Improvement Project will reduce street flooding on Commonwealth Avenue and Morningside Drive and house flooding along Commonwealth Avenue.  The project is complete.
Commonwealth/Morningside Map

  -  Reduce house flooding on Commonwealth Avenue and street flooding on Morningside Drive by replacing the roadway culvert.
  -  Install additional inlets and storm drainage infrastructure along Commonwealth Avenue.
Cost:  $2,100,000
Please note that this figure includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, permits and landscaping.
The Charlotte Storm Water Services (CSWS) project team will manage the Commonwealth Project through the phases listed below.  Specific work is conducted during each phase while an emphasis is made on public involvement throughout the entire project.
Planning Phase (Completed April 2002)
The project team identified areas to be improved in the Commonwealth Project Area.  These improvement areas were identified from citizen calls to 704-336-RAIN and responses to the neighborhood questionnaire.  The City's engineering consultant analyzed the problems and proposed solutions.  CSWS has determined which areas need repairs and has preliminarily sized the new systems.  A public meeting was held to inform the property owners of the proposed improvements and receive feedback.
Design Phase (Completed April 2004)
The Design Phase will begin in Spring 2002.  Detailed construction drawings and exhibits will be prepared for every property that is affected by improvements.  During this phase, many details must be addressed including the determination of specific pipe sizes and alignments, stream widths and lining types, inlet sizes and locations, utility relocations, tree removal and easement locations. 
Permitting Phase (Completed December 2003)
During the permitting phase, the required water quality permits and certifications will be obtained from Federal and State agencies.  According to Federal and State regulations, all of the small streams/channels in the project area are considered wetlands.  Permit applications will be prepared and meetings will be conducted with the NC Division of Environment and Natural Resources and the US Army Corps of Engineers.
Property Easement /Acquisition Phase (Completed December 2003)
The City's real estate staff works directly with affected citizens to acquire Storm Drainage Easements (SDEs).  The City requests that affected property owners grant SDEs to provide the City access to their property to perform needed improvements and future maintenance.  The project schedule for this phase depends almost entirely on the responsiveness of property owners.  Timely responses from citizens and donations of SDEs will expedite the repairs.  The bid phase will begin after all easements are acquired.
Bid Phase (Completed August 2004)
During the bid phase, the final plans will be circulated to qualified contractors for a competitive bidding process.  By state law, the lowest responsible bidder is awarded the construction contract.
Construction Phase (Completed in September 2005)
onstruction was completed in September of 2005. The contractor has completed items that were to be addressed from the final construction inspection and resident project response cards.

Project Team
Doug Lozner, P.E.
City Project Manager/Watershed Area Manager

Matthew Gustis, P.E.
City Engineering Team Program Manager

Gary Stansbury
City Construction Manager