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Briar Creek

Stream Bank Stabilization and Habitat Enhancement

Briar Creek after restoration
This project repaired the severely eroded banks of Briar Creek near Selwyn Avenue and Runnymede Lane and allowed Storm Water Services to compare the effectiveness of different types of stream buffers.

Completed: 2000


  • Reduce erosion and stabilize the banks of Briar Creek between Michael Baker Place and Tyvola Road
  • Protect the sanitary sewer line that runs along the creek but was exposed because of significant erosion
  • Create a buffer demonstration project
  • Improve water quality and enhance fish habitat

Cost: $800,000

Although Briar Creek runs through some of Charlotte's most densely developed areas, this 8,000 foot section is now surrounded by a ribbon of green.  This project repaired the severely eroded stream bank.  Then specially-chosen plants including prairie grasses, wildflowers and tree seedlings were planted along the bank to help hold the soil in place.   The area along the stream bank became a "buffer demonstration project" or a living laboratory to show which stream bank stabilization techniques are most effective.

The stream channel was enhanced to make it more suitable for fish and other aquatic life.