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Why is there a Storm Water fee?

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water fee pays for local efforts to reduce flood risks and reduce water pollution.
Storm water is rain water that does not soak into the ground. It flows into our storm drainage system without being treated or cleaned.

Managing storm water runoff is crucial to Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s quality of life. That includes maintaining and improving our storm water drainage system to reduce flood risks and working to reduce pollution levels in our creeks and lakes.

 Storm drain or catch basin
The cost of Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s storm water program is funded completely by a fee, not tax dollars. The fee is based on:
1)      how much each property contributes to storm water runoff and
2)      the cost of providing storm water services in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Understanding Storm Water

Storm water fees are listed on your City-County services bill, which also lists your municipal water and sanitary sewer fees. Customers who have wells and septic tanks receive a "Storm Water Only" bill.

Current storm water fees

Storm Water Services' rate structure

Frequently Asked Questions about Storm Water fees

Illustrated guide to Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s three water systems: drinking water, wastewater and storm water. The guide also explains the fees shown on your City-County Water Services bill.