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Storm Water Services Fee Credit Revisions
Some private properties in Mecklenburg County provide stormwater control devices such as detention basins or ponds that reduce flooding and water quality impacts associated with stormwater runoff. These devices enable property owners to reduce their stormwater fee. 

Staff has worked on a proposal to revise the Fee Credit Methodology. A number of suggestions were received at the February 9, 2012 public meeting and the February 16, 2012 Storm Water Advisory Committee (SWAC) meeting. Some of these suggestions and proposals included grandfathering of fee credits, a contract to guarantee a fee credit for a period of years, giving ‘extra’ credit to incentivize retrofits, and others. 
**UPDATE** - At this time, staff has decided not to propose a new Fee Credit Methodology. This topic may be revisited again in the future.
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                Daryl Hammock, City of Charlotte, dhammock@charlottenc.gov or
                David Goode, Mecklenburg County, David.Goode@mecklenburgcountync.gov