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August 5, 2011 Flood
The National Weather Service describes it as “a major flash flood event.” A stalled thunderstorm dumped heavy rain for four straight hours, with the heaviest rain just north and west of uptown Charlotte. Record flood heights were reported on Irwin, Stewart and “big” Sugar Creeks.

• Nearly 7 inches of rain
• Mostly in the Irwin and Stewart watersheds
• Stewart Creek was five feet over its banks near Johnson C. Smith University
• 2 deaths in Irvins Creek, a tributary in McAlpine Creek in southeast Charlotte
• 86 emergency rescues to assist people in flooded vehicles and flooded buildings
• 450 calls for emergency service
• About $2 million in property damage
• About 160 homes, apartments and businesses damaged
• Floodwater in 68 structures
• Dozens of cars flooded
• Floodwater on some streets was several feet deep
• More than 150 requests for Storm Water Services to investigate drainage problems
• Disaster declaration was issued by NC Governor Beverly Perdue, making disaster loans available

Andrill Terrace was flooded by Irwin Creek on Aug. 5

Andrill Terrace was flooded by
Irwin Creek on Aug. 5

Rainfall Map from August 5, 2011

Courtesy: Charlotte Fire Department

Courtesy: Charlotte Fire Department

Storm Water Services used its Quick Buy program to purchase 21 houses badly damaged by the August 2011 flooding. Those structures were torn down and the floodplain is being restored as open space.