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Maintain your Drain

Got a storm drain near your property? Help maintain it!
Storm drain grates often get clogged with:
  • trash
  • leaves
  • mulch
  • grass clippings
  • other debris. 

Pick up that drain-choking stuff. Put it in a trash bag. Toss it in your trash can. (Recycle any aluminum cans or plastic bottles.)

Clogged storm drain
A clogged storm drain is under
that pile of leaves

It's especially important to Maintain your Drain before the rain starts falling.

For safety reasons, it's best not to clear your drain while it's raining or if the storm water runoff along the street is running fast.​
Maintain your drain to reduce street flooding
Streets are part of our drainage system. Gutters along our streets and drains at the curb are designed to help get excess water off our roadways as quickly as possible.

But if the storm drain grate is clogged with junk, the excess water backs up onto the street.

Rainwater flowing into storm drain 

  Maintain your drain to keep our creeks clean
Storm drains empty directly into creeks. So the trash, leaves, grass and other yuck that does down the storm drain winds up in our creeks and lakes. That can hurt aquatic life.

If the storm drain is on a busy street or the pipe beneath the storm drain is clogged, call 311 (704-336-7600.) 

Or use our Service Request Form to report a blockage.

Fallen leaves covering a storm drain