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During a Flood

All floods are not alike. Some develop slowly over a period of days. Flash flooding can develop in a few minutes. Some floods cover a wide area, while others damage only a narrow stretch of land.

  • Listen to local TV or radio stations or check the Internet to stay aware of flood watches and warnings.
  • If told to evacuate, do so immediately.
  • Don't drive through floodwater. Most flood deaths happen in vehicles.
  • Do not drive around barricades.  They are there for your safety.
  • If your car stalls in floodwater, abandon it and get to higher ground.
  • Floodwater on streets or in creeks is often deeper or flowing faster than it appears.
  • Don't walk through flowing water. Don't let kids play near creeks or streams, or in floodwater on streets.
  • Call 911 if floodwater threatens lives or property. Call 311 for minor drainage problems.
  • Avoid contact with floodwater as it is often contaminated.
  • Once you get to safety, call loved ones to let them know you are safe.
  • Even after the rain ends, streams may keep rising for several hours.
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