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Buying or Selling Floodplain Property


 For sale sign and flooding   There are more than 5,000 structures in Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s regulated floodplains. It is legal to buy and sell floodplain property. However, the State of North Carolina requires sellers to inform buyers of flood risks or drainage problems.

In North Carolina, the State Residential Property Disclosure Statement requires seller to tell the prospective buyer if the property is a “FLOOD HAZARD” or that the property is in a "FEDERALLY-DESIGNATED FLOODPLAIN.” Other questions on the Disclosure Statement require the seller to tell of any problems with STANDING WATER, DAMPNESS, or DRAINAGE.


Buyers should ask—and verify what the seller has told them—before they buy.

Advice for buying or selling property in a floodplain (PDF)

Additional information for bu​yers (PDF)

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