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Concerned about flooding? Build an 'ARK'!

"Build an ARK" logo

No, not an actual boat.

Build your flood:

Awareness          Flooding claims more lives in Charlotte-Mecklenburg than tornadoes and lightning combined.
Flooding causes more local property damage than any other type of natural disaster.
Charlotte gets more rain each year than Seattle. In less time. That means a greater
    chance of flooding.
Anywhere it rains, it can flood.
Responsibility     Don't drive through floodwater.
Don't play or walk in floodwater. 
Clean debris off storm drains near your property to reduce street flooding.
Knowledge          Regular insurance doesn't cover flood damage.
Flooding can and does happen outside of mapped floodplains.
Call 911 when lives or property are at risk. Call 311 to report drainage problems. 

More reasons to Build an ARK:
   • Charlotte-Mecklenburg has more flash floods than most U.S. cities. That's because of our climate and 
      our gently rolling land.
   • Flooding is unpredictable. During the same storm, rainfall amounts can vary widely in different parts of town. 
      That makes it difficult to predict exactly where it will flood or how bad the flood will be.

Why is flooding so dangerous? See for yourself with this video.

When you Build an ARK, your flood Awareness, Responsibility and Knowledge will help save lives and save property.    

Rescue boat in floodwater with Charlotte firetruck