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RTAC: Residential Technical Answer Center

Scope of Services:

Provide customers with information and technical assistance in relation to the North Carolina Building Code.

Do you have questions about a project on your one or two family dwelling and don't know where to turn? We've got just the solution for you. Just call the Residential Technical Answer Center OR send us your questions and get the answers you need by e-mail.

Questions pertaining to zoning, i.e. building setbacks, fencing, and property use please contact Charlotte Zoning or the town in which you live.

Our NC Certified code officials will provide you information about residential code requirements to do your project correctly. Call 704-432-7822 or e-mail RTAC to get answers to questions such as:

View and download a free copy of the North Carolina Building Codes through the ICC.  E-codes Hours of Availability:
Code Specialists are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

deck on housephoto of deck and porch 

Helpful References:
Residential Permitting FAQ's
Key Contacts:
RTAC Staff - 704-432-7822

Tim Taylor - CTAC/RTAC Manager - 980-314-3110
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