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FACET (Family and Child Evaluation Team)

The program is designed to provide services to youth and their families that have delinquent behaviors or in jeopardy of being removed from their home and placed in the custody of DSS in order to receive services.  Services are typically delivered to the family without removing custody from the parent and the child remains in the home or community.

FACET is a voluntary program and attempts to get the parents to sign consent forms for services.  However, if a parent refuses to sign these forms, FACET  social workers will continue to work the case, especially if the court orders the service.

Referrals are made from:

•  The Juvenile Court Counselor or the Juvenile Court Judge.  

All youth served have at least one delinquent charge but most have numerous delinquent charges filed against them and are heavily involved with the court system.

Charges range from victimless crimes to severe personal and property crimes. 

Many youth are on a “fast track” to Training School (Youth Development Center). Some youth are already on a suspended commitment to Training School.  The Judge, in these cases, needs an assessment to determine if “Reasonable Efforts” have been made in the community prior to commitment to Training School.

The FACET Social Worker work with

• the parent and youth to assess the youth and family needs,
• develop a treatment plan and coordinate services, and
• collaborate with community partners involved with the family.

Recommendations are made to the Juvenile Court Judge regarding the most appropriate and less restrictive plan for the youth without separating the family unit.

For youth that are in dangerous environments, the FACET Social Worker may recommend

 • the child leave the home for a three-month period.
 • In extreme cases, the FACET Social Worker will recommend that the youth is   
    placed  in the custody of DSS to ensure their safety after a full assessment is   

FACET Social Workers considers the best interest of the community, the family, 
and most importantly, the juvenile at all times.

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