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If it is necessary for a child to come into Mecklenburg County's foster care system, our first goal is to work toward reunifying the child with the birth or biological family. If Mecklenburg County is unable to reunify the child with their family, social workers immediately begin searching for a new permanent family for the child.

 Request Information about Adoption and Becoming a Foster Parent

Adoption video

What is Adoption?

Adoption is what happens when a child is born to one set of parents (birth parents) and later becomes the child of another set of parents (adoptive parents). The adoptive parents assume all rights and responsibilities for the child as if he/she had been born to them.

Learn more by watching the Adoption Process video or visiting our adoption page.

foster parent video

What is a Foster Parent?

Foster parents provide temporary homes for children as young as infants and up to the age of 18. They provide care and nurturing to children who have been abused, neglected or declared dependents, until they are able to return home or a permanent home is found for them.

Learn more about the foster care process by watching the Foster Care Process video or visiting our foster home licensing page.

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