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Community Resource Connection (CRC)

NC Community Resource ConnectionMission:  To be a consumer-centered network providing easy access to aging and disability information and services in Mecklenburg County.

Vision:  Service access without confusion for all consumers.

The ADRC is part of a national effort to make it easy for older adults and people with disabilities to obtain information and to access resources, and remain in their own homes as long as possible.  Program flyer

What does Community Resource Connection (CRC) mean to ME?

For Consumers…

  • Easy access to all aging and disability information and services needed to make informed choices
  • Reduce the number of agencies a consumer must approach to receive services which reduces repetitive "story-telling
  • Provides eligibility and benefits assistance
  • Expert information gathering and referral
  • Enhance and support individual choice and informed decision-making
  • Monitors process and evaluates customer satisfaction

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For Providers…

  • A coordinated system of public and private pay services for older adults, people with disabilities and caregivers
  • Increased cost-effectiveness of long-term care support systems
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Training provided to staff, as appropriate
  • Creates opportunities to share best practices
  • Provides networking opportunities

Providers...are you in the network?  Please go to the website and contact us.

Aging & Disability CRC Serving Mecklenburg County

The Challenge

For people who are in need of long-term care or support services and caregivers, finding the necessary resources they require can be a difficult task.  Some of the biggest challenges faced by consumers are trouble coordinating between long-term care services, redundant application forms, and confusing information on available options.  This often results in consumers spending too much time and money on the wrong service or source of action, as well as confusion about service options in general.

The Solution

The main objective of CRC's (Community Resource Connections) is to create a coordinated system of information and access for both public and private pay services for older adults (60+) and people with disabilities, as well as caregivers.  The intent of the CRC is to minimize confusion, reduce the number of agencies a consumer must contact to receive services, enhance individual choice, support informed decision-making, and increase the cost effectiveness of long-term support systems.

Aging & Disabilities CRC - Serving Mecklenburg County

The CRC initiative in Mecklenburg County is the key component of a consumer-driven system of long-term supports and services in this community.  Mecklenburg has chosen a "no wrong door" model, which means that the consumer may be referred to the CRC by any number of partner agencies on first contact.  The consumer will benefit from having access to a network of long-term support providers just waiting to help!  No more repeating their story to each agency they call; no more calling several places for referrals and information.  Aging & Disabilities CRC will strive to eliminate the confusion and frustration faced by so many people trying to access services, benefits and resources.

Visit the Community Resource Connection Website

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