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Home Composting workshop 2013 Organic Waste Reduction Workshops
Mecklenburg County's Organic Waste Reduction program offers workshops that teach the benefits of recycling and waste reduction. 

Home Composting Workshop. Learn the how's and why's of home composting, proper soil preparation and management, mulching and grasscycling. Participants will take home a free wire compost bin and a booklet on home composting. Participants should dress for being outdoors and wear sturdy soled shoes that cover the entire foot. Mecklenburg County Safety Policy does not allow flip flops or sandals in these classes.  (Maximum number of 20 students per class).

• Giving Green: Learn to give green by creating one of a kind gifts from re-purposed items and enjoy a more Earth-friendly special occasion. Participants receive written information on green gift giving. (Maximum number of 20 students per class).

Bokashi: Learn to make and use Bokashi, a fermented wheat bran mixture used to pickle kitchen food waste, which helps it compost quicker. Participants will need to bring an 18 gallon square bin. A detailed informational email will be sent to students shortly after registering.  (Maximum number of 10 students per class).

• Gardening/Composting: Learn the basics of preparing a compost garden. Participants will receive written information on home gardening, including a Piedmont plant schedule, and will have the option to take home a compost wire bin. Native plants, vegetables and herbs will be highlighted in this course. Participants should bring garden gloves, small garden hand tools and dress for being outdoors (bug spray, hats, wear sturdy soled shoes that cover the entire foot.) Mecklenburg County Safety policy does not allow flip flops or sandals in these classes. (Maximum 20 students per class.)

•  Container Gardening:  Learn how to grow vegetables, herbs, trees and shrubs as well as container garden design principles and plant combinations. Participants will receive a supply list of items to bring to class upon registering. Participants should dress for being outdoors. (Maximum 10 students per class.)

All classes are free but pre-registration is required. The deadline for pre-registration is the Monday before the class.  Please select a workshop and complete the registration form for online registration or register by phone 704-432-1970.

Organic Waste Reduction Program Workshops:

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July 13, 2013
Bokashi - CLASS FULL
Hal Marshall Bldg.
700 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
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