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Home Comosting
What Is Compost?
Home Composting
Compost is a dark, crumbly, sweet smelling material, similar to the top layer of soil in a forest. It is an excellent soil additive, which can help transform heavy red clay into rich fertile soil. Plants grown in compost-enriched soil are healthier and more vigorous. Compost helps you use water and fertilizer more efficiently, saving money while helping the environment. You can make compost yourself from leaves and other garden waste right in your own back yard.

Why Compost?

It costs less than bagging leaves, saves tax dollars spent on trash hauling, and provides "black gold" to enrich your yard and garden. Click links below for more information about composting.
Home Composting - In Your Own Backyard
Home composting is environmentally friendly and economically wise ... click here for more

Commercial Composting
Commercial composting is offered for bulk purchase ... click here for more

Worm Compost
Learn how to succeed in using worms to turn kitchen scraps into garden gold ... click here for more

Find out what grasscycling means and the benefits to you and your lawn ... click here for more

Native Plants
Explore the different types of native plants ... click here for more

Compost Bin
Get the scoop on bins. What materials can go into the bin and how to make your own ... click here for more

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