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Waste Reduction in Mecklenburg County
Home and Community Gardens  Community Gardens yield produce 

Mecklenburg County offers residents the opportunity to rent your own garden space.

Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department Community Gardens: 

Locations of Active Community Gardens:

  • Frazier Park, 4th Street and Sycamore Street
  • Little Sugar Creek, Alexander and 17th Street
  • Hoskins Park, 3801 Gossett Avenue
  • Huntingtowne Farms Park, 2400 Ramblewood Lane
  • McAlpine Creek Community Park, Holly Lane, off Sardis Road
  • Reedy Creek Park, 2900 Rocky River Road
  • Winget Park, 12025 Winget Rd.; across from the tennis courts

Friendship Gardens:

North Carolina Community Gardens​​ 

Compost Demonstration gardens:
-  Little Sugar
-  Friendship Trays
-  St. Alban's

More and more people are experiencing fun and fellowship at home and in the community. These people are gardeners, and whether their garden is in the backyard, or at a community plot and whether they are growing flowers, herbs, veggies or all, they are learning and practicing eco-friendly gardening methods and techniques.

Being an active gardener, you reduce waste. How?

You pick and use only the amount of produce you need at a given time. No more spoiled vegetables in the back of the refrigerator because you bought too many.
• You pick fresh from the garden. There is no need for plastic produce or flower bags that often end up in the trash.
• You save gas, money and improve the air quality. Most gardens are located in the home, or are a short drive away to a community plot.
• You give back to the earth and not to the landfills. You compost your spent plants and mulch your garden beds and paths. You also strengthen your soil and plants naturally so there is little if any need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
• You share the fruits of your labor with friends and family. This trickles down to help them reduce waste as well.
• Gardening is a great exercise! it results in a reduced waist as well as waste!

Gardening is a rich and growing part of the fabric of the Mecklenburg area. It fosters many on-going partnerships with great agencies such as Hands on Charlotte, The Charlotte Bobcats, Civic by Design, Johnson & Wales University, Friendship Trays, Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful, Charlotte Green, and the Community Culinary School of Charlotte.

With the many opportunities present in a garden, it provides a complete healthy lifestyle option.

For more information on waste reduction in your home or community gardens, please email Solid Waste Services or call 704-432-1970.

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