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Changes to the Mecklenburg County Employee Recycling Program
New changes have now been made to Mecklenburg County's Employee Recycling Program.  Due to an effort to increase recycling, custodial waste collection services from inside offices have been decreased to 2 days a week vs. every day. 

Why the change?  Mecklenburg County employees have done so well in filling and emptying their own recycling bins in their workstations and offices, there's typically much less trash to collect at the end of the day.  Reducing wastebasket collection helps Mecklenburg County work toward its goal to be more environmentally friendly, and promote a more sustainable community by reducing the amount of trash that has to go to the landfill.

Here are the items that our County Employees can recycle (which happens to be the same program Mecklenburg County residents recycle at home) :
What CAN Be Recycled:

-  Empty aerosol cans
-  Aluminum cans
-  Cardboard (flattened)
-  Glass bottles and jars
-  Juice boxes
-  Milk and Juice Cartons
-  Paper, junk mail & newspaper
-  Plastics # 1-5, 7

What CANNOT Be Recycled:

-  Food or food containers(such as take-out boxes and microwave dinner trays)
-  Appliances
-  Batteries
-  Bottle caps/lids
-  Ceramics
-  Clothing
-  Garbage
-  Paint, chemicals, etc.

-  Plastic bottles and jugs
-  Wide mouth plastic containers
-  Rigid plastics
-  Spiral paper cans
-  Metal food cans
-  Cereal, food boxes and pizza boxes
-  Magazines and phone books
-  Paperback books

-  Pizza boxes
-  #6 plastics (polystyrene)
-  Plastic bags
-  Plastic food trays/cups
-  Pots/pans
-  Shredded paper
-  Styrofoam or polystyrene (#6 plastic)
-  Wire hangers
-  Paper plates/napkins

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