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If it isn't STA compost…..what is it???

Don't Gamble with your Project Success!


  • generic 'compost,' from producers who don't test their products


  • topsoil, of questionable origin, quality and consistency


  • non-renewable organic amendments like peat, pine bark or loam


Learn more about the many benefits and   US Composting Council seal
uses of STA compost at:

US Compost Council Seal
of Testing Assurance

Why do CalTrans, TXDOT, PennDOT, WSDOT and other agencies accept ONLY STA compost for their landscape projects?



Because they want a product that is tested and labeled just like any other high quality landscape product that they purchase!

 Use STA Compost to get better results & lower project costs!


  •  Use 2/3 LESS compost than topsoil, on most jobs


  • STA Compost is a manufactured, tested product, consistent from truckload to truckload


  • STA Compost is a recycled product, reducing the dependency on non-renewable resources


  • STA Compost contains levels of most essential nutrients, reducing the amount of chemical fertilizer you will need


  • STA Compost increases the moisture holding capacity of soil, reducing watering needs


  • STA Compost adds essential organic matter to soil, providing the ideal environment for beneficial soil microorganisms


  • STA Compost is a VERY versatile product suitable for a variety of uses, such as: general soil amending, erosion control, planting mixes, backfill mixes, turf topdressing, land reclamation, mulching and 'manufacturing' topsoil

2006 Seal of Testing Assurance Participants in North Carolina 




City of Goldsboro, Goldsboro NC – 919-735-3329
McGill Environmental, Rose Hill NC – 910-532-2539
Mecklenburg County, Charlotte NC – 704-432-1916
Novozymes North America Inc., Franklintown NC - 919-494-1246

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