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Business Recycling in Mecklenburg County

Recycling for ABC permit holders

The State of North Carolina requires certain permittees to recycle "beverage containers".  Holders of: 1) on-premises malt beverage permits, 2) on-premises unfortified wine permits, 3) on-premises fortified wine permits, and 4) mixed beverage permits shall separate, store, and provide for the collection for recycling of all recyclable beverage containers of all beverages sold at retail on the premises.

To obtain more information go the the following website:

If website is temporarily off-line, please contact the following North Carolina Environmental & Natural Resource specialist:

Scott Mouw (919) 715-6512 (

 Rachel Eckert (919) 715-6506 (

Jim Hickman (919) 715-6528 (

If you have specific questions and/or need explicit instructions concerning implementation of the ABC mandatory recycling law, you may:

Contact the North Carolina Division of Pollution Assistance (919) 715-6500

* Contact Ms. LoRita Pinnix (Assistant Counsel) - (919) 779-0700 ext. 228.  (Telephone calls are usually returned within a few days.)

Download PowerPoint Presentations from Mecklenburg County November 7, 2007 ABC Recycling Workshop (please note these presentations are large and may take a few minutes to download):

ABC Legislation
How To Recycle
Benefits of Recycling

Listed firms that provide recycling for ABC permit holders ... as the infrastructure for ABC recyclers increases, we will post the information on our website.  Click on the following to go directly to a list of vendors offering ABC recycling services.

Contact current MSW service providers  ... another option is to contact your current MSW (garbage) vendor, if they are not already listed on the "ABC Vendor" list.  It is our understanding most are developing their own ABC recycling program.

Mecklenburg County Recycling Centers ... also, if desired, you may collect the containers yourself and take them to any Mecklenburg County Full-Service or Self-Service Recycling Drop-Center.  Information to obtain the locations for these sites is found on this website. Please Note ... 1) The firm generating the ABC recyclables must transport the ABC containers themselves.  2) All ABC aluminum/glass/plastic containers must be placed into the appropriate recycling container.  3) If the ABC container is transported in a bag and/or cardboard box, the ABC containers are to be removed from the bag(s) and/or box.  (Containers to recycle cardboard are available.  However, the Recycling Centers do not accept plastic bags.  If handled at a Recycling Center, they must go into the garbage.)


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