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Charlotte Latin School Logo 

Business Name:

Charlotte Latin School

Business Type:
Tk-12 School (with a day care facility on site)


9502 Providence Rd

Charlotte, NC 28277

Web Address:

Facebook / Twitter:
CharlotteLatinSchool / CharlotteLatin

Number of Employees at this Location:

240 employees/1450 students

Describe your current waste reduction and recycling program and/or efforts.
While we had had a recycling program on campus prior to last year, participation was half-hearted at best. As such, the entire program was rejuvenated, updated, and expanded to include single stream recycling, specialty items recycling, composting, waste reduction, and energy reduction. Additionally, we have moved to purchasing green cleaning products, recycled products, organic land/garden maintenance products, and locally grown/raised food products. With the full support from the school administration, overall buy-in from faculty and students has been great.

The big success story is that Charlotte Latin’s waste stream is now 52% recyclables and compost and only 48% garbage destined for a landfill. Just one year ago garbage (trash) represented 90% of Charlotte Latin’s waste stream. While there is room for further improvement, this is a substantial one year decrease. It should also be noted that everyone in the community is responsible for the proper disposal of materials - we do not have maintenance or janitorial staff dedicated to the sorting of materials. Therefore, even our youngest students (4 and 5 year olds) are expected to properly compost and recycle materials on campus.

In addition to the single stream recycling and composting successes noted above, in the last school year alone the Charlotte Latin community properly recycled (and thus kept out of the landfill) the following:

821 pounds of Batteries
85 Cell phones
621 Printer cartridges
63 compact florescent light bulbs
>250 2', 4', 8' florescent tube lights

Please describe any educational programs your company utilizes to encourage waste reduction, recycling and/or buying green products.
As a school, our environmental educational programs are woven into nearly every facet of our school calendar. Announcements, demonstrations, and training regularly occur during faculty/staff meetings and school assemblies. Additionally, various grade level activities are often created in an effort to help support our community education in the area of environmental stewardship and sustainability. As an example, the entire middle school spent a month last year investigating, discussing, and learning about water and water quality both locally and globally. During these discussions issues of contaminant leaching, solid waste, and chemical runoff all reinforced our responsibility to reduce waste, promote reuse and recycling, and to use natural/green products.

Quarterly updates are sent via email to the entire school noting progress on our environmental sustainability efforts. As our program is now just over a year old, specific financial costs/benefits have not yet been fully calculated. It is known, however, that we have not encountered any increase in expenses as a result of our greening efforts, and we are confident that our waste handling costs will decrease here in our second year.

Please describe what you do to actively promote Wipe Out Waste Ambassador initiatives on-site, both internally to staff and externally to customers or visitors.
The goals of the CLS Environmental Sustainability Program are to increase understanding of our natural environment and its resources, to educate the school and greater community about environmentally responsible behavior, and to offer educational activities for the community to become better stewards of our natural resources and to develop a more environmentally sustainable campus. The student run program supports, promotes, and helps run and monitor the recycling and composting efforts on campus, helps conserve energy and water, and organizes community activities such as an annual Earth Day celebration, monthly curbside recycling in our carpool lines, and participation in the Green Cup Challenge. Additionally, students, faculty and staff are also involved with the on-campus community garden.

Please provide examples of your company's commitment to purchase "Green Products" and the results and/or impact doing so has had on your business.
Charlotte Latin recently received the Level 2 CleanZone certification from JanPak and The Budd Group, a leading facilities services company that serves clients throughout the Southeast. CleanZone is a sustainability program that aligns the standards for green cleaning products, processes, equipment, and management practices into a simple, easy-to-use certification. Latin continues to strive to reduce its carbon footprint by incorporating sustainable cleaning procedures and embracing innovative waste diversion techniques.

Additionally, within the last year our cafeteria achieved Green Restaurant Certification which requires the use of locally grown produce, waste reduction, green cleaning products, and an overall emphasis on environmental sustainability and education.
As a result of these two achievements along with our aggressive composting program, numerous prospective families noted on their follow-up evaluation that our commitment to environmental sustainability and its education was an important consideration in finalizing their decision to select Charlotte Latin over our peer competitors.

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