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​Providence Nature Preserve
Providence Nature Preserve is a 49 acre preserve, much of which is consists of wetland along Four Mile Creek.  The entire nature preserve is forested and approximately 8 acres of the property are covered by a floodplain swamp.  This wetland provides quality habitat and a diverse ecological community.  This preserve was formerly designated for Greenway use, but the ecological resource found in the eight-acre floodplain swamp deemed it ecologically significant enough to change its park use designation in 2013.  Future greenway development will be planned so it has minimal impact on the wetland habitat.
Location and Directions
Providence Nature Preserve is located on Four Mile Creek between Providence and Weddington Roads. There is no parking and the preserve can only be accessed from Peverell Lane.
History and Description
This property was farmed over the last century originally purchased for greenway development.  While plans for a future greenway here still exist, the alignment of the trail will be located to avoid the sensitive habitat of the wetland corridor.
Flora and Fauna
The preserve was farmed over the past century but is now young forest, much of which is approximately 40 years old. The inundated area is relatively new, as skeletons of trees are still standing.  The preserve is diverse with wetland plant and animal species.  The wetland offers abundant salamander habitat, and dusky and marbled salamanders have been documented. Spicebush covers the floodplain along the creek, and on the rich soil of the higher ground, painted buckeye and dissected toothwort (a state listed plant) may also be found.

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