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Natural Resources
Scenic images from Nature Preserves
The Natural Resources Section is responsible for the protection and management of natural resources in Mecklenburg County natural areas including those in parks, greenways, nature preserves, land-banked open space, and natural heritage sites. Total acreage of these unique land assets currently stands at about 19,000 acres with about 7,000 acres protected as nature preserve.  The Division contributes to regional environmental leadership and research by partnering with other public agencies and non-profit organizations in neighboring counties and throughout the state.

The Division strives to achieve the goals specified in the adopted Mecklenburg Community Vision 2015 by "protecting our natural resources" and identifying and actively working to protect "environmentally sensitive areas".  The primary focus of the Division is to preserve biotic (living) natural resources, including all native plant and animal species and natural community types that comprise Mecklenburg County's unique natural heritage.
Natural areas managed by the Division also protect the County's overall environmental health and its abiotic (non-living) natural resources, such as air, water and soil. Ongoing natural resource management is essential due to the multitude of external influences that disrupt ecological processes within natural areas. Without active management, the integrity of these special areas is diminished and, over time, the biological resources present may be lost.  For more information, contact Christa Rogers, Natural Resources Manager, at 704-948-4504.
 Scenic images from Nature Preserves
Program Highlights 
• Natural Community Management and Restoration
• Flora and fauna monitoring and data collection
• Threatened and endangered species management
• Research partnerships, data sharing and regional bio-planning
• Technical assistance provided to public agencies and non-profits
• County property assets management
• Non-native invasive species control

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