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Background: Cordelia Park is a 20 acre Community Park located northeast of uptown. The facility is one of Charlotte's oldest parks; its origins dating back more than 100 years. The park is situated on a moderately steep slope, exhibiting over 60 feet of elevation change. This topography presents both a development challenge and a charming character that is unique among Mecklenburg County public spaces. Terraces provide varying perspectives and settings for the numerous recreational amenities on site, including playgrounds, walking trails, patio space, a basketball court, play fields, an outdoor pool, and connection to Little Sugar Creek Greenway. Cordelia Park also offers one of the finest views of uptown Charlotte of any park setting (see also Bryant Park).

With the passage of the 2008 Park Bond Referendum, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation is tasked with expanding the scope of amenities at Cordelia Park to include an indoor shelter ($600,000 appropriated for this expansion). Long-term plans also indicate the need to expand and modernize the aquatic facility and, given the age of the park, explore general upgrades and park improvements. Park and Recreation planning staff has begun this process by undertaking the update of the Cordelia Park Master Plan. This update process will review park functionality; preserving and enhancing those elements of the park that are successful, and addressing and modifying those in need of improvement. Community input is vital to this process; park patrons and neighbors know the park best and often contribute an intimate and unique knowledge. Therefore, the master plan update process is largely community-driven, consisting of three community workshops designed to gather input and feedback on the evolving conceptual design. The end product is a conceptual design, or illustration, that denotes all planned improvements to the park property, including those designated for immediate, or short-term, implementation as well as long-term improvements. The updated master plan will be formally endorsed by the Central Region Advisory Council and the Park and Recreation Commission.

What's next?

   Cordelia Master Plan Map Thumb

Proposed Master Plan 


The Proposed Master Plan will be presented to the Central II Advisory Council on January 12th, 2010. Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation will seek endorsement from the Council at that time. Be sure to visit the message board and submit your comments before then!"

Community Workshop Process



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