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 A planning grant has been received by the jurisdictions of Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius, Huntersville, Charlotte, Iredell and Mecklenburg Counties for a much needed north-south trail to connect and activate trails that would connect with corridors for the greenway master plans for each jurisdiction. This north-south corridor is missing except for some attempts to us Hwy 115 at a bike-ped friendly corridor. Most trail users prefer to be off road whenever possible.

This trail will function well as both a long run and a short run. Like greenway trails, it may be built in sections that are to be determined in the planning process. The goal is to activate each section and make it meaningful and well used. The future and parallel transit line will further activate the Mooresville to Charlotte Trail by connecting to the transit stations. These two transportation projects will complement one another, but each can stand alone.

Community workshops will take place April 2, 10 and 11, 2013 to receive information and provide input on the developing plans for the Mooresville to Charlotte Trail corridor. The schedule calls for competing this planning effort in June 2013.

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For more information please contact Gwen Cook by phone 704-432-1570 or by email at at 704-432-1570 


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