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Little Sugar Creek Greenway
Cordelia Park to Alexander Park
E 7th Street to Morehead Street
Morehead Street to Brandywine Road
Huntingtowne Farms Park
Little Sugar Creek Greenway & Stream Restoration
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Little Sugar Creek Greenway: Cordelia Park to 12th Street

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This section of Little Sugar Creek Greenway provides connectivity between 12th Street/Alexander Street Park andCordelia Park. Cordelia Park contains amenities such as a basketball court, outdoor swimming pool, sprayground, picnic shelters, play equipment, and walking trails.A section of trail within Alexander Park exists, and a connection between Alexander Street Park a greenway bridge connects to Siegal Point and 12th Street. Alexander Street Park offers soccer fields, a playground, outdoor shelters, basketball and tennis fields.

2100 North Davidson Charlotte, NC 28205 (Cordelia Park)

745 East 12th Street Charlotte NC, 28206 (Alexander Street Park)

624 Parkwood Avenue Charlotte, NC 28206 (near YWCA and Belmont Center)

625 Parkwood Avenue Charlotte, NC 28206 (Cordelia Park)

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Paved Greenway = 0.95 Miles

Alternative Transportation:
(Confirm route, schedule, and stop before beginning trip):
Route 3
Route 23

Nearby Amenities:

YWCA and Belmont Ctr.
Cordelia Park
Alexander Street Park

Nature Facts:
Watch for olive-brown “pancakes” floating in the water at the edge of slow-moving, sandy areas of the stream. Take a closer look and you’ll find the “pancakes” have legs and a long neck with a snorkel nose at the top. These round, floating objects are actually Gulf Coast spiny softshell turtles, a species of special concern in North Carolina. These turtles have a soft, flat shell and can quickly disappear by burying in the sand. Please observe these special creatures from a distance because they can and will bite!

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For Further Information:
Contact Greenway Planner Gwen Cook at 704-432-1570 or by email.

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