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coach whistleThe Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department relies heavily on volunteer youth sports coaches to help provide our participants with quality recreational experiences. By utilizing volunteer coaches we are able to minimize the overall cost of providing youth sports programs. Each year over 500 individuals dedicate time to mentoring, shaping and enhancing the lives of over 6,000 youth sports participants in Mecklenburg County. Anyone who is interested in volunteering as a head or assistant coach should contact their preferred recreation center to begin the application process. *All Youth Sports Coaches will receive a comprehensive background screening prior to being approved. Please review the information below to find out more about volunteering as a youth sports coach!


Youth Sports Volunteer Coach - Information Form.pdf


Youth Sports Program Philosophy
The three main goals for the youth sports programs are:
1. Safety
2. Fun
3. Participant development based on:
Everyone plays:
Provide opportunities to learn skills and improve conditioning by minimizing roster sizes and ensuring players play at least half of every game.
Balanced Teams: Build teams that are evenly balanced on age and experience.
Positive Coaching: Train and encourage coaches to help develop a child's sense of self-worth.
Sportsmanship: Create a safe, fair, fun, positive environment based on mutual respect.



If you are interested in coaching, please contact your local recreation center for more information.

North Corridor Recreation Centers
Hickory Grove Recreation Center 704.432.4811  (28215)
Mallard Creek Recreation Center 704.548.8234  (28269)
Methodist Home Recreation Center 704.568.3363  (28215)
Sugaw Creek Recreation Center 704.596.0107  (28213)
West Charlotte Recreation Center 704.393.1560  (28216)
MLK Recreation Center 704.432.2924  (28213)
Thomasboro Recreation Center 704.399.3911  (28208)


Central Corridor Recreation Centers
Tom Sykes Recreation Center 704.432.4803   (28203)
Wallace Pruitt Recreation Center 704.432.6775  (28208)
Tuckaseegee Recreation Center 704.399.4492  (28208)
Ivory Baker Recreation Center 704.432.4580  (28206)
Arbor Glen Recreation Center 704.432.1531   (20208)
Bette Rae  Recreation Center 704.393.7333 (28208)
Merry Oaks Recreation Center 704.569.1496  (28205)


South Corridor Recreation Centers
Southview Recreation Center 704.392.7452  (28208)
Elon Recreation Center 704.540.2426  (28277)
Albermarle Road Recreation Center 704.567.1941  (28227)
Marion Diehl Recreation Center 704.432.0237  (28210)
Naomi Drenan Recreation Center 704.432.5231  (28211)
Winget Recreation Center 704.504.5433  (28278)
Berewick Recreation Center 704.432.4934  (28278)

COACHING TIPS                                                                              

How to Substitute Effectively and Efficiently:
If you have 4 or more subs, recognize that subbing will have to be someone's primary job. It’s hard to coach and sub if you have a lot of subs. So, either get someone to do the subbing or to help you coach during the games. Start with a roster and designate positions, starters and substitutes. Keep this list in your hand or pocket during the game. A wristwatch or stopwatch with a countdown timer that has an alarm is a wonderful piece of equipment to have. Decide how frequently you will sub and set the timer for that time. If you sub frequently, your players should stay fresher, especially on a hot day. There is less chance of them disengaging from the game and players will feel like they've played more than if they are sitting for long periods on the sideline. If it doesn't matter to you what positions the players are in, it will be easier. Subbing in groups is recommended. 

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