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​PSO Newsletter - Spring 2014
We are pleased to announce Tristin White as the new Unit Supervisor for Jail Central. Tristin has over 11 years of experience with Mecklenburg County and was previously the Unit Supervisor for Substance Abuse Service (SAS) Community Programs. Tristin was instrumental in training SAS staff to provide quality services to our consumers at Youth and Family Services, the Women’s and Men’s Shelters, the new Safe Alliance Domestic Violence Shelter, and our new CADRE program that serves consumers with HIV/SA.
Tristin brings to this position strong clinical skills and the ability to build collaborative partnerships. She will share those skills with the staff currently working at Jail Central and Jail North providing SA services. 

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or CARF
is an independent, non-profit organization focused on improving the quality of services you use to meet your needs for the best possible outcomes.
By achieving CARF accreditation standards, we at the Provided Services Organization (PSO) have demonstrated our commitment to being among the best available. The PSO has been CARF-accredited since 2008.
CARF surveys the PSO every three years and the next survey takes place in October or November of this year. The surveyors will talk with consumers as well as PSO staff to see how we are following the business and clinical standards.
Health Information Services (HIS) Team

Every year the Health Information Services (HIS) Team celebrates Health Information Professionals! This year it was during the week of March 17th through 21st. The Team hosted a “Meet and Greet” so PSO staff could meet the Team. They played a trivia game and awarded prizes to four winners.
Our HIS Team:

(l to r) Ana Francisco, Summer Varalli, Connie Cureton, Olethea Scott, and Robin Smith.
Photo by our other team member, Pam Idol.

Stakeholder Survey
The PSO gathers data from various sources to determine how we are providing services. On a regular basis we gather this information from our external consumers and our employees. Annually we do a third type of survey, gathering information from providers and others in the community to see how we are doing. This is called our Stakeholder Survey. There are nine specific questions asked so we can find out our strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, in the past, we have not had a good response to this survey. This year was different, as 46% completed the survey. Forty-one surveys were sent and 19 completed the survey. Below is a grid showing the questions we ask as well as what our scores have been over the last three years. Our goal is to have a score of 85% or higher for each question. The scores in red for 2013 will be the questions our programs will focus on by providing training to staff and discussing these issues during staff meetings on how we can improve these scores.
​Question ​2011 ​2012 ​2013
​Staff respond to calls/emails no later than the next business day ​75% ​91% ​79%
​I am able to connect with the person who can best respond to my needs ​100% ​91% ​89%
​I am treated with courtesy and respect ​75% ​82% ​84%
​Staff accept responsibility ​100% ​82% ​79%
​Information provided to me is useful ​100% ​100% ​90%
​Staff act in a professional manner ​75% ​91% ​89%
​Staff follow proper channels for communication ​75% ​73% ​74%
​There is appropriate follow-through ​100% ​91% ​84%
​Staff demonstrate initiative and flexibility in responding to my needs ​75% ​73% ​68%
​Survey Response Rates ​4 of 45 (9%) ​11 of 41 (27%) ​19 of 41 (46%)

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