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Employee Discounts and Promotions Program

The Employee Discounts and Promotions Program (Employee Perks) serves to enhance the morale and productivity of County employees through partnerships with businesses that will provide employee discounts and promotions on products, programs, services or donated incentives.  In return, business partners receive the opportunity to familiarize Mecklenburg County employees with products and services through promotional offers and donations.  Mecklenburg County is only interested in partnerships of this type that will not require County funds for implementation.

Scope of Program
To be considered for participation in Mecklenburg County’s Employee Discounts and Promotions Program (Employee Perks), please provide a detailed description of the discounts, give-aways, and other promotions that your company is proposing to provide.  Discounts or offers must be of substantive value and must be available to all County employees (approximately 5,000).  Your proposal must include a minimum guaranteed donation of products or services that can be used for employee morale or employee recognition programs.

Please note whether the proposed benefit would be exclusive to Mecklenburg County employees or if the same or similar benefits are offered by your company to the general public.  Please address each of the categories outlined below.  If there is an additional service or fees not listed, please include them.  If a category does not apply to your company, please note.

  • Discounted prices for regular goods or services offered:
  • Special offers for goods or services offered:
  • List the types and amounts of all fees that would be charged to an employee asking to take advantage of the promotion, including all but not limited to:
    • Shipping or handling
    • Regulated or government imposed fees
    • Transaction or purchase fees
  • Donations for use in employee recognition programs
    • Include examples of donation type as well as quantity
    • Indicate frequency of donation (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Terms of Agreement
  • Use of customized website or access code for Mecklenburg County employees

Evaluation Consideration
Each proposal will be evaluated based on the individual merit, whether it meets the general provisions outlined in this Request for Sponsorships, and whether it is consistent with Mecklenburg County policies and in the best interested of Mecklenburg County.  Some criteria will include:

  • Added value to the employees
  • Variety of offers
  • Reliability
  • Ease of Service
  • Competitive discounts in the marketplace
  • Service fees and options

All discussions between the Resource Development Coordinator and a potential partner, all material exchanged between parties, and all proposals submitted will be held confidential to the full extent permitted by public agencies.

Mecklenburg County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, in whole or in part, and to negotiate with any company after proposals are received, if such action is deemed to be in the interest of Mecklenburg County.   

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