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Mecklenburg County Public information

Public Information at work. 

The Public Information Department provides the public, media, and County employees with up-to-the-minute County news and information.

  • Direct Communications
    Provide communications services to the public by managing the County Website; producing direct mail, newspaper, radio and TV spots; creating billboards and banners. 
  • Media Relations
    Write and distribute news releases and media advisories; Respond to media inquiries. 
  • Resource Development
    Work to create sponsorship opportunities that allow business to contribute to public service while saving taxpayer dollars and reaching their target audiences.
  • Internal Communications 
    Manage MeckWeb, the County intranet site which provides employees with internal news and information from the County Manager and departments; provide consulting services to individual departments to assist them with their internal and external communications needs. 
  • Television
    We relay information to the public through The Government Channel - Channel 232 on the local Time Warner Cable digital cable, and GOV-TV - the new digital channel 11.3 through the broadcast facility of WTVI. You can see and hear your government at work by watching live Board meetings and by watching programs such as Mecklenburg Matters.

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