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Safe Sleep
Safe Sleep is a term used to describe conditions that should be present each and every time a baby is put down to sleep. Safe Sleep practices can prevent Accidental Suffocation and reduce the risk of SIDS. A Safe Sleep environment includes the following:
  • Face of sleeping babyBaby always sleeps ALONE
  • Baby is placed on its BACK to sleep and on stomach to play
  • Baby is placed in a CRIB, on a firm crib mattress, with a tight-fitted mattress sheet
  • No fluffy blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, bumper pads or any other “cozy” items in the crib
  • Baby's room temperature is between 68 and 75 degrees
  • The baby is dressed in light layers and not heavy clothing or blankets
  • If needed, a light weight blanket tucked in on 3 sides, at the end of the crib that goes no higher than waist level
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