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​​​​​​Farmers' Markets

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets and the sale of locally grown food are taking hold in locations throughout the country. The inclusion of cooking demonstrations, music, nutrition education and activities for kids, are becoming the hallmarks of the modern market and communities are seeing the benefits.

Farmers Markets:

  • Connect farmers directly to consumer and stimulate local economies
  • Support the preservation of farmland and rural livelihoods
  • Give communities access to healthy food in areas where shopping options for fresh produce are limited


If you are looking for a friendly place to shop for fresh produce, you can find it at one of Mecklenburg County's local farmer's markets. Add your market to the list.

Mecklenburg County Farmer's Market List

A Guide to SNAP/EBT at Farmers' Markets in North Carolina

Make the Most of your Farmer's Market Trip

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