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Health Data and Reports

Mecklenburg County Community Health Assessment

In the practice of public health, the community is the patient and the health of the community is monitored and evaluated on a regular basis by examining key indicators such as infant mortality, communicable disease rates, and STD infections.
2013 Communiyt Health AssessmentEvery four years, Mecklenburg Healthy Carolinians and the Mecklenburg County Health Department conduct a more extensive examination of the community through a state developed process known as community health assessment (CHA). The latest CHA was conducted in 2013.


State of the County Health Report

The State of the County Health Report (SOTCH report) is intended as a quick overview of community health indicator data for Mecklenburg County residents and is completed during the years between health assessments.
The SOTCH report includes information pertaining to each priority health issue
established by the 2010Community Health Assessment.


Other Health Data Reports

Latest reports regarding an overview of the health of Mecklenburg County's citizens are provided below.

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